1.0a1 (2019-1-27)

  • Release blank project on PyPI.

1.0a2 (2019-3-26)

  • First usable alpha release.

1.0a3 (2019-3-27)

  • Include the ability to build the graph with external packages.

1.0b1 (2019-4-6)

  • Improve error handling of modules/containers not in the graph.
  • Return the exit code correctly.
  • Run lint-imports on Import Linter itself.
  • Allow single values in ListField.

1.0b2 (2019-4-16)

  • Update to Grimp v1.0b9, fixing error with using importlib.util.find_spec.

1.0b3 (2019-5-15)

  • Update to Grimp v1.0b10, fixing Windows incompatibility.